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Erratic wipers

So the wipers on my Z4 had been misbehaving for a while, deciding to park at a random point on the windshield rather than at the bottom. I was kinda living with it until recently when they wouldn't stop at all or they'd stop and not start again without "rebooting" (:D) the car.

Anyhow I finally got around to fixing them, the issue was with grease inside the motor getting onto the copper contact plate. Cleaning the grease off the plate cures all the problems. Hardest part is removing the tray under the windscreen. This uses the usual BMW screws made from a plastic-cheese composite to hold it in place. Any screwdriver I used seems to shear the heads so if I was to do it again I'd buy spares to replace the ones I take out. BMW decided to use plastic clips to hold screws that themselves hold the tray down vertically too. Four of these clips snapped off, they were plastic welded on from what I could tell. I used gorilla glue to put these back after fixing the motor. One of the white screw also went AWOL for a while, I fished this out of a rubber drain on the right side of the engine bay. There are a couple of these rubber drains which have flaps at the end, I made sure these were all clear of rotting leaves before I put everything back together.

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