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Cycling has become an almost daily routine for me. I try to cycle to/from work most days, with my average commute taking 60 minutes to ride 10 miles per day. My current bicycle is a 2009 GT Aggressor MTB, purchased during my final year of university for fun. I never intended it to be ridden on roads daily for work purposes. Nevertheless it's remained an excellent purchase in my eyes, being lightweight and comfortable to ride everyday, in all weather conditions (except snow and ice).

I like to keep a rough log of my mileage, which you can checkout below. I find the statistics it generates a great motivation to keep exercising as often as possible.

Trips taken to date: 55

Miles for current week: 0

Miles for current month: 0

Total miles: 550

Saved 180kg of CO2

Burnt off 17,050 calories.

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