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Piratebay RSS Feed Maker

Since TPB disabled the abilty to create RSS feeds of users torrents, I decided to whip up one up.  You can find it here.

Enter a username and you'll be presented with a list of the last 30 torrents a user has posted.


  • Parsing of the date and description
  • Add a page parameter

UPDATE 01/2012 - Since TPB moved to an .se domain and began using magnet links, my feed maker no longer works. Since making mine in Java, a nice fellow named Zach Armstrong has come up with something similar better using PHP. It's called YarrrRSS (Yet Another Rapidly Released Reader) and you can download it here.

Another thing I've since uncovered, is that while RSS feeds for most users uploading to TPB were removed, feeds for trusted users do still remain. You can get to them by making a MD5 Hash of their username and appending it to the URL

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