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Z4 E85 GPS Firmware and Maps Update

Finally got around to updating the GPS in my E85 Z4. I have the MKIV DVD based system with a monochrome OLED display (which I actually like since it's so discrete) and was running with outdated maps from 2005.
The first part of the update involves flashing newer software to the system in the form of a new firmware. The latest official version V32, can be found here.
To perform the update:

  1. Burn this ISO to a CD-R
  2. Get into the car and leave the door open
  3. Insert the CD in place of the maps disc
  4. Turn the ignition to position 1
  5. Follow the on screen instructions as the software updates

The final part involves acquiring maps discs. The non-iDrive discs for this system are called High 2015. The set for Europe can be purchased at a cost of £179.99 from BMW themselves or you can have a look online for ISOs. For Europe there are two Discs each at 6GB. One for western Europe and one for east. You'll need dual layer discs, I used Verbatim DVD+R DL, I've not tried DVD-Rs.

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